New Extender Setup

Extender setup is almost the same for all the models, below are the models that support the same setup method. Extender setup can be done in various ways.

  • RE3000W Setup
  • RE4100W Setup
  • RE6300 Setup
  • RE6400 Setup
  • RE6500 Setup
  • RE6700 Setup
  • RE7000 Setup

The Extender can be setup in 2 modes:

  1. As a wireless range extender
  2. As an access point (Hardwire connection between extender and router)
Wireless Range Extender

In this mode New Extender Setup over a wifi connection. That means the extender accesses the router internet over wifi. To setup an extender as a wireless range extender, there are further 3 ways to do it.

  • WPS Method
  • Method (Brower based setup)
  • Method (Brower based setup)
Access Point

In this mode, there is a direct-wired connection between the extender and router. Extender accesses the router internet via Ethernet cable.

New Extender Setup WPS Method:

  • To setup extender with WPS (wireless protected setup) follow these instructions:
  • Plugin the extender and wait till it boots up. For the setup place extender near the router. Once you see blinking amber on the extender press the WPS button and the light will start blinking in green color.
  • Blinking green light represents WPS is in progress from the extender’s end.
  • Now press the WPS from the router, a WPS light will also start blinking on a router.
  • Within 30 seconds extender will get configured with a router and blinking amber will turn into solid green light. The solid green light represents extender is configured successfully and ready for a user.
  • Unplug the extender and place it at the desired place and connect any wifi device.
  • If the light on the extender is solid amber that means it’s receiving a poor signal from the router. Move the extender near to the router till you see the solid green light.
  • Once it’s configured the extender network name will reflect as router name_ext.

Extender.Linksys.Com Setup Method

If the router doesn’t have WPS or it doesn’t support WPS then setup the extender using the website. Follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  1. Turn on the extender and place it near the router. Wait till you see the blinking amber on the extender.
  2. Once you see the blinking amber connect a wifi device with the extender.
  3. Now open the website and the extender setup page will appear.
  4. Select the option to setup the extender as a wireless range extender.
  5. Select the router wifi network you want to extend and enter the password to authenticate it.
  6. Select the network name and password for your extender and all set.
  7. The extender is setup and ready to use. Now move the extender in its place.
  8. Configured extender name will be the same as your router name and the only difference is _EXT. Setup Method

If the wifi device and Linksys Extender are connected using Ethernet connections, means there is a direct connection between the extender and device then surf the IP address in place of the website.
This IP will take on the same setup page and follow the onscreen instruction to configure the extender. If the extender is dual-band as well as a router then select both the router networks, authenticate them with a password and it’ll extend both the bands.

If the extender is dual-band then it’ll give 2 wifi signals, one for 2.4Ghz and another for 5Ghz.

Setting up Extender as Access Point

If you wish to setup an extender as an access point then there should be a permanent wired connection between the extender and router.

  1. Connect a wireless device with an extender and open or (Ensure a hardwired connection should remain in between the extender and router).
  2. Extender setup page will appear and select the option “To setup as Range Extender”.
  3. Enter the extender wifi name and password to connect, all set extender is configured.
  4. Make sure cable should never be removed between the extender and router.

Wireless Security on Extender:

Linksys extenders support all the latest wifi securities, these securities can be enabled or changed from the extender page or while setting up the extender.

  • No Password: An open network anyone can connect to it without any password requirement.
  • WPA: it’s a security that requires password authentication, only after a valid password any device can connect to the extender.
  • WPA2: it’s the advanced version of the WPA and provides better security for wifi.
  • WEP: WEP is the most complex security and provides a better shield from unauthorized access. But it also limits the connectivity.

Extender Setup and Lights Combinations

The light that signifies successful configuration and ready to use is Solid Green or Solid White. If any other light is appearing on the extender then it requires troubleshooting.
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