Know Your Extender

Linksys Wi-Fi Extender has 3 main sides where the operating things are present.

  1. Front View
  2. Side View
  3. Bottom View
Front View

The front view has the indicator LED, LED that will help in understanding the status of the extender. This led lights in different colors and in different modes, it can be solid and blinking as well.

  • Blinking Green: Booting, firmware upgrade, factory reset, WPS in progress
  • Blinking Amber: Not configured or other error
  • Solid Green: Configured and ready to use
  • Solid Amber: Poor wifi signals from a router
Side View

The side view has 2 buttons, one is for WPS setup and another is a reset button. When the WPS button is pressed indicator LED will blink in green color and will be solid green if WPS is successful.

The reset button is used to reset the Linksys Wi-Fi Extender to the factory setting. To do so press the reset button for 10 seconds and the indicator led will blink in green color. Leave the button and the extender will be reset.

Bottom View

At the bottom of the extender, an Ethernet port is available, this port can be used to connect any device hardwired with the extender. Like a laptop can be connected using an Ethernet cable with the extender, Ethernet connections are plug and plug it doesn’t require any password authentication.

To setup the extender as an access point this port is used, a direct Ethernet connection is made between the router and extender using this port so that extender can be setup as an access point.

Right place for the Extender

Once Linksys extender is configured, can be placed to the desired place but that should always remain with the wifi range of the router. A light on the extender will help you to find the optimum place for the extender.

If the indicator LED is solid green then place is right but if solid amber then it’s not the right place. Move extender near to the extender till you see the solid green on it. For optimum performance of the extender it should have solid green light.