Linksys RE6800 Setup

How to Setup Linksys Extender RE6800

Linksys RE6800 is a dual-band extender that covers around 10,000 square feet of area. Linksys RE6800 Setup is loaded with all modern specifications to support all internet needs. Provides high internet speed, can connect multiple devices simultaneously, and advance wifi technology to enhance the wireless experience.

Linksys extender setup is handy and can be performed within some minutes. To begin 1st unbox the extender and ensures the active internet on the router.

    • For the initial setup plug the extender near to the router. Turn on the extender and wait till it shows the blinking amber on it.
    • Blinking amber on the extender indicates that the extender is ready to setup with the router. For convenient setup WPS way can also be used if the router supports the WPS. Press the WPS on both the devices and wait till they pair up. The extender light will be solid green after setup.
    • If the router doesn’t support WPS or the WPS setup is not working then a web-based setup can be used. For this follow the below-mentioned steps.
    • Web-based setup requires a laptop, computer, or any mobile phone. So 1st grab a laptop to begin.
    • Turn on the laptop and connect it to the laptop using wifi or Ethernet cable. To connect wirelessly, look for the extender default wireless SSID and connect to it. Extender default SSID doesn’t require any password, it’s an open network.
    • Once the connection is made open a browser and surf the extender setup website . This website will prompt the Linksys extender setup page. Follow all on-screen instructions to complete the setup of the extender.
    • The led light on the extender will be solid green after the successful connection with the router. The extender now can be moved to another location but it should always remain in the wireless range of the router.

If the setup is done using the WPS then the extender wifi name will be “Router name_Ext” and it accepts the same password as of router. Whereas, in a web-based setup, it gives the option to set the extender wireless name and password.

How to update Firmware of Linksys Extender

    • To update the firmware of the Linksys extender, login into the extender page using its IP address.
    • Once login, on the left side options find the firmware option.
    • Update the firmware from here.

Lights on the Linksys RE6800 Extender Setup:

    • The extender is configured and ready to use: Solid Green
    • Configuration error or extender is not configured: Blinking Green
    • Error in setup or the extender is facing hardware or software failure: Blinking Amber
    • The extender is receiving poor or no signals from the router: Solid Amber
    • The extender is resetting to default settings or firmware upgrade: Blinking Green

How to connect to the Linksys Extender:

    • On successful setup, grab a wifi-enabled device and turn on its wifi.
    • In the wifi, the list finds the extender SSID. Usually, the extender SSID looks similar to the router SSID.
    • Enter the password for the wireless network and all done, the device is now connected to the extender wifi and the internet can be accessed.
    • The list of the connected devices can be fetched from the extender login page. Login into the extender page and look for the “Connected Devices” option.

This is how Linksys RE6800 extender can be setup and use. For any other concerns feel free to contact our professional.