Linksys RE3000W Setup

Linksys Extender Setup RE3000W and RE4000W

Both the Linksys RE3000W Setup and Linksys RE4000W Setup are full of features and pocket-friendly. This economic range is full of specifications and loaded with all essential features. Both the extenders are dual-band so compatible with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies and can be used for high-speed internet usage.

Both the extenders have Ethernet ports to facilitate the hard-wired connection to non-wifi devices like desktops, DVR, etc. And also have wifi for wireless connectivity.

Setup of Linksys Extender RE3000W:

Everyone has routers at home, these extenders get setup on the existing wifi of the router and then broadcast to the non-wifi areas. Linksys RE3000W Setup can cover 5000 square feet of the area whereas RE3000W covers around 7500 square feet.

For setup both the devices, the extender and router should be in the same room if setup is being done using the WPS method. For this press, the WPS button on both the devices and wait if they pair up. Its pairing is a successful extender that will show a solid green light.

Missing WPS button on the router:

If the router has no WPS button then the online WPS button can be tried. To access the online WPS button login into the router admin page and look for the WPS or push button option. If you find such an option then router WPS can be initiated from there and to initiate WPS from the extender press its WPS button. They can setup the extender and if the light is solid green on the extender it means it got setup and ready to use.

WPS is not working?

This could be the chance your existing router is missing on the WPS button even no online WPS feature is available. In this scenario, we recommend a web-based method to complete the setup. For the web-based method, we need a laptop or computer. To start it place the laptop in the wifi range of your router.

Turn on the extender and connect it with a laptop or computer using an Ethernet cable. Open a browser and hit an IP this will redirect to the extender setup page. On this page follow the on-screen steps to complete the setup process. This gives 2 options to Linksys extender setup like an access point or wireless range extender, select the wireless range extender option.

Once setup is completed light on the Linksys RE4000W Setup will be steady green and the extender can be moved to other places are well provided it should remain in the wifi coverage of the router. Extender wifi name can be differentiated from the router wifi name as it suffixes _Ext.


These are the ways to setup and enjoy the features of the extender. If you are still in some trouble grab your phone and dial our experts to get it done.

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