Can’t access is the way to setup extender manually, if your router doesn’t support WPS. This method can extend both the networks like 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If you can’t access the website to setup the extender, try these steps:

  1. Extender should have blinking amber light and if required reset the extender 1st.
  2. Once you see the blinking amber on the extender, connect any wifi device to extender network or alternately an Ethernet connection can also be made between device and extender.
  3. Now, open the website and it’ll redirect you the linksys extender setup page.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the setup process.
  5. Once setup, extender name will reflect as your router name and suffix _ext.
  • Linksys extender setup default IP address is, this IP can be used as an alternate of
  • Setup is only possible if extender has blinking amber, before setting up the extender it’s always recommended to reset the extender if it’s an old one.
  • Extender will show Solid green or solid while if it’s setup and ready to use.
  • For better connectivity extender should remain in proper range of router.

Can’t connect to extender network?

Are you trying to connect with extender but can’t? Here are some quick facts to check:

  • A password plays a major role for connection. Always enter the password in right case as upper and lower letters affects the input. Most of the times extender uses the same password as of router.
  • Turn off the wifi and turn it back on and then try to connect again with extender network.
  • If connection is losing again and again reduce the distance from the extender. Take your device near to the extender.
  • If extender is improperly configured or configuration has been terminated then it may not allow connecting with extender. In such case try resetting extender and set it up again.
  • Extender should have solid green light to connect with it, any other light status may cause issue in connection. Before connection to extender ensure it has solid green light on it.
  • Try refreshing the wifi adaptor of the laptop.

Error: You’re not connected to the range extender’s network

Setting up your extender? And not getting the right page. To setup Linksys extender setup visit and onscreen instructions will help you to setup the extender but if it’s giving some error message like “You’re not connected to the range extender’s network”, there could be some reasons:

Lights on Linksys Extender

Linksys extenders have only one light and that light in different colors. This light color will help to understand the status of the extender. Led can light as blinking or sold green/amber. Let’s have a look.

  1. Blinking Green: it means extender is booting up so wait till it boots up. Along with it if extender is resetting or firmware upgrade is in progress then even it shows blinking green.
  2. Solid Green: It signifies extender is configured with router and ready to use.
  3. Blinking Amber: It represents extender is not configured with router or the configuration is terminated. Even if extender has any other issue LED blinks amber. In such case reconfiguration of extender is required.
  4. Solid Amber: It represents extender is receiving the weak signals from router. Try moving extender near to the router and see if light appears as solid green.

Note: in some extenders LED can be solid or blinking white in place of green color. It has the same meaning as of green color.

Reset password or change password on extender

If you have forgotten the password for your extender or want to change it then it can be done in 2 ways:

Extender login Page

In this method login into your extender page use IP or the IP assigned by the router to your extender. Once you open the IP it’ll prompt you for username and password. Enter “admin” as username and password the one you set while configuring the extender. Once you login into the extender page look for the wireless option and change the password for the extender network, from here the wireless name can also be changed.

Reset Method

If you even forgot the login password of the extender page then a reset is the only option. Reset the extender by pressing the reset button. After rest, setup the extender again and set the new desired password.

No internet on Linksys Extender

Nothing is more problematic when you see ‘No Internet’ on your extender network. This problem can be fix easily but sometimes it can be complicate. If you have try a lot and problem still persist don’t hesitate calling our experts for timely resolutions.

  • 1st check internet on your router. Poor internet connectivity or no internet on router will not provide any internet connectivity to extender. In such case call your ISP to refresh the internet line or check the status of outage in your area if any.
  • Distance between extender and router can also cause this issue, if extender is far away from the router then internet connectivity on extender will be poor or nil.
  • Router setting can also cause this problem, if router has WEP security enabled then it’s less likely that extender will receive internet from router. Change the security to WPA2 from WEP.
  • All extenders work on some wifi channels respected to their wifi frequency. A change in wifi channel sometimes resolves the problem. To change the channel login into your extender and look for wifi channels option.
  • Restart the device and try it again with the extender wifi, this may also resolve the issue.

Extender Login Password: Secure your Extender

Extender can be prevent from unwanted access and changes. A login password can be set to access the extender’s different settings. During the setup a login password can be set.

To make any change in the extender’s setting like change in network name, to block any connect device to manage the connected devices this login password authentication is must. Only after successful authentication, Linksys extender settings can be accessed.